Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kalote Waterfalls trip

            Three weeks into June’13, the rains were in full swing in Mumbai and the surrounding western ghats region. The trek to Kotligad was just done the previous weekend and our group decided on a waterfall outing for a change. There are quite a number of natural waterfalls in close proximity to Mumbai. Saturday, June 29, 2013, we set towards Kalote waterfalls.


                We zeroed in on Kalote waterfall for it’s a delight and it was early into the season for not too many people to be there and secondly, one could enter the pool at base of waterfall. The chance to enter a wide pool as well experience the brute force of water falling down from 50-60 feet is something as one would term ‘White sensation’.

                This trip included a lot of our friends who couldn’t make it to the trek on the earlier weekend as well. All of us decided to meet up at ‘Dadar’ station being the connecting station between the central railway and western railway of Mumbai. Kris, Kevin, Hamilton and Clive decided to meet us at ‘Chowk’ junction directly as they were commuting by their respective bikes. Cleona, Duana and me met at Dadar station at 8am and took a train to ‘Karjat’ station from where we boarded an ST bus to ‘Chowk’ junction. Alighting at Chowk, we met up with the bikers. Rickshaw drivers agreed to drop us on side of the highway from where it’s a casual hike of 30-40 minutes to the waterfall. Bikes and cars can be driven up this path and parked at close proximity of the waterfall. From this parking spot, it is a 5 minutes walk to the waterfall. This waterfall is located at approximately 20 kms from Karjat station in the area named 'Khalapur'. 

                               We reached the waterfall between 12.30-1pm. The waterfall doesn’t seem strong as one feared, but if were to sit below the waterfall, the brute force can be experienced and one shouldn’t miss out on that. There were just a couple of families there, but no one venturing close to the waterfall. So, we got a nice little spot just for ourselves. The water was cold, but a quick dip and the body gets acclimatized to the temperature of the water. One can catch sight of empty plastic bottles being strewn along with other plastic waste on the sides. This is the sad part that hasn’t been inculcated in majority of the people and it’s a long and strenuous fight against environmental pollution. We caught a guy throwing an empty plastic bottle into the stream and we picked it up and requested him to dump it in a dustbin away from the place. A condescending smile and he threw it back in away from our reach. It’s a fight that just cannot be won unless the thought is inculcated from within oneself or stringent laws are in place for the same; both which seem highly unlikely in the near future.

                Munching on sandwiches all afternoon, it was complete bliss. Admiring nature’s beauty and relaxing; sharing stories amongst each other. The camera pictures are a bit blurry and hazy cause of the weather. Packing our stuff up, we proceeded towards our bikes at 5pm, in order to catch a direct bus to ‘Karjat’ station or a rickshaw to ‘Chowk’ junction. With no rickshaw passing, Kris and Clive agreed to ferry us in turns until Chowk, taking 2 people as pillion. Cleona, Hamilton and Kevin proceeded directly towards ‘Karjat’ station as they wanted to go in the comfort of the train journey while Kris, Duana, Clive and myself decided to do the return journey by bike. Returning home by 10pm, it was not a strenuous day and a day well spent close to Mumbai and full of memories to cherish.

Costing (Per head):

Train from Dadar to Karjat returnà Rs. 40.00
ST bus from Karjat to Chowk junctionà Rs. 11.00
Share rickshaw ride from Chowk to Kalote falls entranceà Rs. 15.00
Water, Foodà As per requirement

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